To buy Larai Finance token on Trust wallet, click on the top right button and slelect add custom token. Then copy Larai Finance token contract address; 0xc87e8488002c2E69ef99E8E4b76608edc2C6ed98, choose Polygon network and paste contract address, click done to add Larai Finance to your wallet. Copy the receive address and paste it in the addittional information area to receive your tokens. Or send your receive address to with payment confirmation.

On Metamask, click import tokens, paste Larai Finance contract address and click import. Then open and copy the receive address, paste it to the additional information column on the page.

1 = 100,000 LAF TOKENS

10 = 1,000,000 LAF TOKENS

Any order above 10,000,000 LAF TOKENS will be rejected. This is to assure adequate distribution of tokens and to avoid whales.


Click on BUY NOW, select the amount of tokens, add it to cart, view cart and then proceed to CHECK OUT, fill form and make payment.